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Technical Team Leader

September 8, 2020

  • Oversee and manage refits and planned work projects, ensuring that essential refit, maintenance, and survey work is included in specifications and project plans, and associated expenditures remain within budget. Coordinate technical assistance, specialists, and subcontractors as necessary to carry out planned or unplanned maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide senior technical management to all company vessels to achieve planned production targets by insuring timely and efficient maintenance is carried out within appropriate safety standards while adhering to the company maintenance philosophy. 
  • Work closely with all service hands and manage all repairs and upgrade projects carried out onboard or onshore. 
  • Responsible for the safe and cost-effective operation and maintenance of the equipment, the hull, and facilities on board with minimum environmental impact in accordance with legislation, class, flag and safety and facility management system
  • Monitor the planned maintenance system to ensure compliance and to report any non- compliance and provide Technical support to the unit management both Offshore and Onshore.  
  • Insure the unit retains its certification and class by ensuring that the surveys are undertaken before their final due dates.
  • Responsible for ensuring the timely ordering of stores and spare gear and maintenance of sufficient onboard stock levels, to ensure that the unit’s operational capabilities and safety are not jeopardized. 
  • Assist the Unit Manager in emergency response, budget preparation, and follow up & Issuing of technical reports and implementation of the HSE and QA policies.


  • Knowledge of shipping laws and procedures with Experience in related shore-based technical or project management positions in fleet. 
  • Refit and project management experience.
  • Must have significant latitude to Provide technical leadership and design guidance on the waterfront and marine-related tasks.

Objectives to be achieved  

Fulfill the risk management requirements by ensuring all risks in associate utilities operation and maintenance tasks are identified and procedures are established and implemented.