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September 8, 2020

  • Ensure the safe operation of the ship by effective implementation of the safety management system onboard the vessel 
  • Provide a link between the company and those on board with full Monitoring the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of each managed ship Communication and implementation of the safety and environmental protection policy  Evaluation and review of the effectiveness of the SMS.  
  • Reporting and analysis of non-conformities, accidents, and hazardous occurrences. 
  • Coordinating with HR, crewing officer, project Management to ensure safe manning of all the fleet, checking the competency of the joining crew.  
  • Material Resources: Coordinating with Purchasing, Operation, and technology to ensure that all material required for safe operation and environmental protection are provided.
  • Ensuring the close out all findings and observations resulted from any class or flag state survey, inspection, or Audit.  
  • Follow up any port state control findings and observations.  
  • Reviewing all active sheets received from all managed vessels, returning the same with comments, notes as appropriate.  
  • Check and prepare a new ship joining the fleet with all class and flag statutory certificates. Preparing an SMS implementation plan for new ships joining the fleet.
  • Ensuring the organization/Vessel ISM requirements are completed on time & thereby attaining cost optimization   


  • Advising the level of threats likely to be encountered by the ship using appropriate security assessments and other relevant information 
  • Ensuring the development of the submission for approval and thereafter the implementation and maintenance of the ship security plan. 
  • Ensuring that the ship security plan is modified as appropriate to correct deficiencies and satisfy the security requirements. 
  • Arranging for internal audits and reviews of security activate 
  • Arranging for the initial and subsequent verification of the ship by the flag state or class of the ship as applicable  Ensuring adequate training for personnel responsible for the security of the ship.
  • Ensuring that deficiencies and non-conformities identified during internal audits, periodic reviews, security inspections, and verifications of compliance are promptly addressed and dealt with and can make relevant decisions by consulting the QHSE superintendent.

Minimum Requirement

  • Qualification and seagoing experience as a certified ship officer to the international convention on standards of training, certification, and watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW), as amended.  
  • The ability of other COMPANY policies, procedures, guidelines, and work requirements.

Functional Competencies

  • Knowledge in Technical, Operations, Shipping, and ISM procedure. Knowledge of regulatory agency, company & clients, and safe work practices