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Base Coordinator

February 3, 2021

Qualification and Experience

  • Secondary Level Technical Education;
  • +10 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience;
  • +5 years of logistics base experience.

Duty and Responsibility

Organization of the labor and workforce, enforcement of the COMPANY safety HSE
standards, compliance with regulations and requirements. The Base Coordinator will assist
in the application of material control and inventory procedures.

The Base Coordinator is expected to be able to:

  • Expedite shipment and acquisition of goods, materials, and services requested by
  • Be in charge and supervise any needed customs clearance and freight forwarding Services;
  • Be in charge of making arrangements for having material, supplies and equipment delivered to other wharfs or airport received and transported to the supply base including, without limitation performing the necessary administrative functions, paperwork and other details to accomplish such transfers.
  • Ensure quayside space is made available for bulk silo facilities managed by third party mud/dry bulk suppliers.
  • Providing trucking to transfer COMPANY’s or COMPANY’’s third party supplier drilling tools, equipment, or consumable materials.
  • Performing such other duties as may be requested or be necessary for the performance of the service hereunder.

The Base Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring all services are provided to COMPANY including, without limitation, the following:

  • The arrangement of facilities and coordination with others COMPANY contractors.
  • The Base Coordinator could be in charge of supervising the loading/unloading of vessels and other inland base traffic, arranging the necessary stevedoring, pilot, pilot boats, mooring gang where necessary; monitoring third party supplier materials and supplies to vessels under charter by COMPANY; arranging for boat charges, ships dues, wharfage fees, light dues, stevedoring charges, and other ships services including ship’s agency as may be requested by COMPANY.
  • The Base Coordinator shall ensure appropriate “oil spill response” kits are on-hand and in working condition, in conjunction with an approved oil spill response plan (“OSPR”).